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I'm a retired elementary music teacher. I've been retired since 2010. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my husband of 45 years, Don. I am currently an independent instructional coach in our school district, working with music teachers. We have one daughter, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren. All of whom live across the street! It just doesn't get any better than that!



I'm a retired middle school band director. I worked in corporate industry for 30 years, retired and re-activated my teaching degree. I currently teach driver's ed.



Now we know why it's the favorite pastime!

Little boys start learning the ins and outs of baseball at an

early age. Our grandson started his experiences 2 years ago

at age four.

The uniform hung loosely on his slight frame. The ball cap slipped down over his eyes where it looked like there was no way he could see. But he was serious. At least as serious as a kid could be at four.

Needless to say, we do not have a lot of experience with this activity but we have learned a few things. And we'll share them here as we learn others.

Hats off to the dads who coach these little guys. We have watched them get hits and while everyone in the outfield converge on the ball, fighting over it like it was football, the little guy is running the bases. 

They do not know the meaning of words like hustle or tag. We've heard coaches yell, "Tag him!" and watched all of the infield take off after whichever "him" was running so they could "tag" him in a free-for-all game of tag!

And even though we have sat on the bleachers, freezing in April or in the heat of late May or Fall Ball . . .

Little League Baseball is definitely

the best entertainment in town!