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I'm a retired elementary music teacher. I've been retired since 2010. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my husband of 45 years, Don. I am currently an independent instructional coach in our school district, working with music teachers. We have one daughter, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren. All of whom live across the street! It just doesn't get any better than that!



I'm a retired middle school band director. I worked in corporate industry for 30 years, retired and re-activated my teaching degree. I currently teach driver's ed.


Grands coming for a visit? Scrambling for things to do? Here are some ideas for kids under 10 that work for me. Whether they come for several days, a weekend, or overnight, make a plan!!

I am on a mission to get children away from screens, devices, phones, TV, movies, and anything else that encourages them to zone out. Our children do not know how to problem solve and social skills are dwindling. Teach them how to have a conversation! What a novel idea!

These activities have been compiled from my own ideas, downloadable free PDF items that I found online, and many other things I have found that work when you hear that familiar whine, "What are we gonna do now?"

My grands love origami, folding paper airplanes, drawing, playing with clay, blocks, board games, and many other activities.

Check out my new BLOG—Grands on the Run for great ideas and activities to do with your grandchildren!


Activity Pack for Grandchildren No. 1, Home